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  • 09-Apr-2021 to 14-May-2021 (CST)
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Office of Bedford County Human Resources

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The Bedford County Sheriff's Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Deputy.

DEFINITION: Deputies are responsible for work performed in the prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes and accidents. Duties also include protecting property, facilities, and people through the enforcement of laws under the direct supervision of their immediate supervisor. Deputies assigned to shift will report directly to their respective Patrol Sergeant. Each patrol deputy is responsible for the enforcement of state laws, crime prevention, protection of life and property, preservation of public peace, arrest of violators, and service of criminal warrants and civil process. Deputies assigned to the Warrants Division will report directly to the Patrol Lieutenant. Deputies assigned to the School Resource Officer Division or Court Security Division will report directly to the SRO/Court Security.


Deputies will operate law enforcement equipment including sheriff vehicles, mobile radios, walkies, recorders finger printing equipment cameras, camcorders, digital recorders radar equipment, computer equipment, taser weapons, tear gas equipment, batons and lethal weapons including pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

Work is performed in both the office and field settings on a rotating shift schedule in all weather conditions. The employee is exposed to dangerous conditions.

Working schedules are assigned as twelve (12)-hour shifts including holidays, and overtime as required.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.

  • Primary functions require sufficient physical ability to work in a law enforcement setting and an office setting; restrain or subdue individuals; walk, stand, sit, or run for prolonged periods of time.

  • May be required to carry, drag, or restrain individuals from 50 to 300 pounds and lift in excess of 50 pounds.
  • Occasionally stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and twist.
  • Occasionally climb and balance.
  • Regularly push, pull, lift, and/or carry light to moderate weights.
  • Frequently lift and/or move moderate to heavy weights.
  • Occasionally lift and/or move heavy weights.
  • Operate office equipment including use of computer keyboard.
  • Requires a sense of touch, finger dexterity, and gripping with hands and fingers.
  • Ability to speak and hear to exchange information.
  • Ability to operate a vehicle to travel to various locations in an assigned geographical area.
  • Ability to operate and use specialized law enforcement tools and equipment including guns and handcuffs.
  • See in the normal visual range with or without correction. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close, distance and peripheral vision; depth perception; and the ability to adjust focus, for operation of machines and equipment, determination accuracy and thoroughness of work, and observation of general surroundings.
  • Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.


Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Monitoring and observing vehicular traffic, detecting traffic offenses, and issuance of traffic citations as warranted.
  • Responding to traffic accidents, calling for emergency medical assistance, controlling and directing citizens and vehicle traffic, conducting interviews with drivers and witnesses, and gathering material evidence from accident scenes.
  • Observing businesses and residences for criminal activity, checking buildings for unauthorized entry, searching structures and property for intruders, and investigating suspicious persons and events.
  • Responding to robberies, thefts, burglaries, homicides, etc. Calling for emergency medical assistance for the injured, securing crime scenes, controlling and directing citizens at the scene, conducting interviews with complainants, witnesses, victims, and suspects, and gathering material evidence from the scene as required.
  • Responding to domestic disturbances, calming overly excited or agitated persons, physically restraining unruly individuals, conducting interviews with complainants and witnesses, obtaining relevant facts and information, and mediating and resolving complaints and disputes.
  • Making arrests, with or without a warrant, including subduing individuals with appropriate action and force as deemed necessary, placing individuals into handcuffs and other restraining devices, searching vehicles and persons under arrest for weapons and contraband, and transporting arrested individuals to detention facilities.
  • Completing paperwork to incarcerate arrestees.
  • Assembling and preparing documents and narrative reports, memorandums, and notes of accidents, incidents, offenses, and activity reports.
  • Maintaining issued equipment, materials, and supplies required to support daily operations.
  • Performing follow up investigations as needed.
  • Enforcing court orders; including serving civil summons, subpoenas, Orders of Protection, and other civil process as required. Additionally, executing search and arrest warrants when required.
  • Providing sworn testimony in court proceedings.
  • Operating computer terminals (MDT's, laptops and desktops) to retrieve information and data from central files or outside agency files and systems.
  • Researching manuals and computer records to obtain information concerning policies, procedures, regulations, warrants, penal codes, arrest reports, court dockets, etc.
  • Responding to miscellaneous citizen inquiries and requests such as giving directions, assisting with disabled vehicles, and providing clarification of routine legal requirements
  • Attending in-service training classes.
  • Reading and comprehending new case law decisions and TN Attorney General Opinions.
  • Reading and comprehending narrative hand-written materials to include pass on logs, etc.
  • Reading and comprehending printed materials such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), General Orders (GO's), TCA, etc.
  • Read and comprehend computer screen information and information and data.
  • Prepare handwritten activity logs, and narrative incident and offense reports in a legible and grammatically acceptable manner to permit comprehension by the receiving party.
  • Understand and exchange information with supervisors and coworkers when receiving assignments, instructions, and shift change information, and while performing assigned duties and tasks. 24. Understand and exchange information with vehicle operators, complainants, victims, witnesses, and members of the general public, judges, attorneys, jurors, records personnel, facility maintenance personnel, etc.
  • Providing verbal direction to excited and agitated individuals and arrested individuals in a manner to effect compliance and conformance to directives.
  • Must be able to fire a weapon accurately.
  • Patrols by foot or motor vehicle, the roads of the county, places of business, and residential districts enforcing state laws.
  • Investigates suspected crimes, reports findings, and arrests suspected individuals.
  • Investigates accidents involving persons or property, reports probable cause of accidents, and pursues appropriate course of action.
  • Directs and controls traffic.
  • Testifies in court or legal proceedings.
  • Issues written citations.
  • Operates and maintains all law enforcement equipment. Makes written accident reports.
  • Must be able to defend himself/herself and others with and without the use of deadly force.
  • Must have ability to react quickly and calmly in emergency situations and to determine proper course of action.
  • Must make arrests when necessary.
  • Must understand and enforce laws.
  • Must exert themselves physically for short periods of time, such as running and lifting.
  • Any other duties as assigned.


(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties or duties which may be performed.)

  • Maintains records and reports accurately.
  • Takes citizen complaints
  • Works special events when necessary including but not limited to ball games, etc.


  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.
  • Reading small print when referring to maps and computer screens.
  • Reading a digital display when operating radar equipment.
  • Reading a tape measure when measuring objects and reference points at crime scenes and skid marks and reference points at accident scenes.
  • Detecting potentially dangerous behaviors or activities when confronting traffic violators, criminal suspects, and participants in disturbances.
  • Discerning and detecting movement or other suspicious circumstances and activities.
  • Identify colors when performing searches for individuals based on color of clothing and searches for vehicles based on descriptive color.
  • Preparing personal descriptions requiring entry of color of eyes and written description of personal property describing color of property such as jewelry.
  • Detecting smoke from vehicles and structures.
  • Ability to hear alarms.
  • Hearing and understanding information received over the telephone, radio, and intercom.
  • Detecting the presence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  • Protecting oneself or another officer if required.
  • Safely and responsibly operating a motor vehicle in accordance with state law and the Sheriff's Office General Orders.
  • Ability to ascertain facts by personal contact, observation, and the examination of records.
  • Ability to explain and interpret pertinent provisions of laws and regulations.
  • Ability to enforce laws firmly, tactfully, and with respect for the rights of others.
  • Ability to learn to operate all law enforcement equipment required in the performance of required duties.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public and other employees.
  • Knowledge of the court system and presentation of evidence in court proceedings.
  • Knowledge of state laws.
  • Knowledge of geographic area of Bedford County.


  • Must have a valid TN Driver's License with a good driving
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  • Must be a citizen of the U. S.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony or a serious misdemeanor involving Moral Turpitude as the term is defined by law, and not to have been released or discharged under any other than Honorable conditions from any of the Armed Forces of the U.S.
  • Must pass a medical examination by licensed physician.
  • Must pass a drug screen by a licensed physician.
  • Must have a good moral character as determined by investigation.
  • Must be free of all apparent mental disorders as described in the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Third Edition (DSM-11) of the American Psychiatric Association and must be certified as meeting the criteria by a qualified professional in Psychiatric and Psychological fields.
  • Successfully completing a Field Training Program.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in the use of all firearms utilized in the performance of duties, including but not limited to issued handgun and shotgun, by achieving a passing score during range qualification. 44. Meeting the psychological standards required by the Bedford County Sheriff's Dept. pursuant to T.C.A. 39-9-106
  • Maintaining certification by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission of Tennessee. 46. Attaining and maintaining any certifications and/or attending any training required to fill any specialized assignment the Deputy may be assigned to


The job description for the position of Certified Deputy (FT) for the Bedford County Sheriff's Department describes the duties and responsibilities for employment in this position. I acknowledge that I have received this job description, and understand that it is not a contract of employment. I am responsible for reading this job description and complying with all job duties, requirements and responsibilities contained herein, and any subsequent revisions.

Is there anything that would keep you from meeting the essential function of the job as outlined with or without a reasonable accommodation?

Yes No

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